Overhead cranes in construction

Overhead crane

Linian Crane and Hoist Company were approached by Byrne Bros. (Formwork) Ltd and asked to provide two overhead cranes to facilitate the unloading of bundles of reinforcing bar and lowering them down to the lower level of a skyscraper construction site (100 Bishopsgate) in the centre of London.

The cranes would have to be suspended from the existing building steelwork and so various interface considerations had to be addressed.

After many discussions with engineers from the main contractor and the developers a bespoke design and specification was agreed.

Special crane rail support brackets were designed and the crane end carriages were shaped and fabricated to give maximum height of lift and necessary clearances.

The cranes would have to be operated from two levels so radio remote control was provided with two handsets each featuring a changeover switch for additional safety.

The cranes are designed, tested and certified to lift 5 tonnes but the bundles weigh much less so additional smaller and faster auxiliary hoists were also fitted together with additional controls thus speeding up the unloading operations whilst maintaining the overall load capacity of the cranes.

This is yet another example of Linian’s ability to tailor bespoke lifting solutions to customer’s individual and specific requirements.

Overhead crane built by Linian

Special Lifting Project – Domestic fitness suit



Dudden Construction Ltd was in the process of adding an extension to a cliff side property in Fowey, Cornwall, and this was to include a fitness suit with an aqua trainer and hot tub both sunk into the floor. The client wanted the aqua trainer and hot tub to be hidden under the floor when not in use.

Dudden came up with the idea of having sections of the floor acting as covers that could be raised to ceiling height and then lowered back in place as and when required and they asked Linian Crane and Hoist Company to design and manufacture a suitable and bespoke winching system as there was not any standard lifting or winching equipment on the market that would satisfy all the criteria and overcome the various constraints.

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Special Overhead Crane Project


Linian Crane and Hoist Company were approached by Knowsley Engineering Services Ltd of Skelmersdale in Lancashire and asked to design a bespoke lifting system for a sizable metal treatment facility that Knowsley Engineering were manufacturing for a client of theirs.

The treatment facilty comprised of a number of dipping tanks in a line 30 metres long. The crane system would need to lift a large cage containing production items from the floor to a height that just cleared the tanks and it would them travel along the line of tanks lowering the cage into any particular tank and releasing it. The crane would also of course have to recover and relocate the cage after treatment.

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Overhead Crane Refurbishment – From old to new

Linian Crane and Hoist Company were approached by Tratos UK Ltd who had taken over a derelict building in which there was an old and defunct 10 Ton Wharton Double Girder Electric Overhead Travelling Crane probably dating from the 1950’s. Linian were asked to assess whether or not the crane could be recommissioned and made fit for use for lifting and handling large reels of heavy cable. The building itself had been vandalised over the years having had all the wiring and electrical supply, etc., stripped out.

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Two 3.2 tonne overhead cranes in a new hi-tech testing facility


Linian were asked by an aerospace company to quote for two 3.2 tonne overhead cranes in a new hi-tech testing facility. Headroom was critical as was maximising the floor coverage.

Linian proposed double girder cranes with compact hoist crab units running on one common gantry designed to take both cranes fully loaded in any one span.

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