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Swing Jib Cranes by Linian

Also known as Pillar Jib Cranes, Post Mounted Jib Cranes, Pedestal Cranes, Swing Arm Crane, Wall Crane. All of our Jib Cranes are manufactured to the highest standards for enhanced safety and long term reliability. We also offer to install and maintain the cranes if required.

Jib Crane Enquiry Form - Contact us Today

Remember, LINIAN thrive on problem solving and welcome your enquiries whether at the early stages of playing with ideas or at the urgent stage of project completion.

Whatever your lifting application the chances are that LINIAN have done it before and forty years experience combined with a bang up to date understanding of modern engineering principles, materials and techniques guarantees the best and most cost effective hoisting solutions.

We also supply (and install if required) the full range of lifting equipment including Overhead Cranes, Runway Beams, etc.

Supplying the right Jib Crane for your needs

125kg to 10tonne.Again there are many different types available, either wall or floor mounted providing different slew angles of 180° to 360°. Fully powered versions offer smooth Jjib rotation, hoist travel and lift operation. When access becomes awkward, a knuckle jib may provide the answer. Provision for an elbow in the Jib arm allows even greater maneuverability.

Hoists for Jib Cranes

Almost any chain or wire rope hoist can be fitted to a Jib crane but bear in mind that in many cases a chain hoist will be preferable especially with manual slewing.

The hoist can be fitted at one end of the Jib arm or it can travel along the length of the Jib arm by means of a manual or powered travel trolley.

Lifting Davits

Lifting davits or davit arms are in effect a small jib crane, usually up to SWL 1 tonne, and are typically lightweight and portable.

Usually they fit into a floor or wall mounted socket and can easily be carried by only one man from one socket to another.

Davits of this type are used extensively in the water industry mostly for lifting and handling pumps and motors for repair and maintenance.

Jib Swing Crane Features:

Download Jib Crane "Standard" Features