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Bespoke (Custom Made) Hoists by Linian

All of our hoists are manufactured to the highest standards for enhanced safety and long term reliability. We also install and maintain the hoists if required. Please see our advice notes for guidance in the selection of the right type and size of hoist to suit your particular requirements.

Bespoke (Custom Made) Hoist Enquiry Form - Contact us Today

Remember, LINIAN thrive on problem solving and welcome your enquiries whether at the early stages of playing with ideas or at the urgent stage of project completion.

Whatever your hoisting application the chances are that LINIAN have done it before and forty years experience combined with a bang up to date understanding of modern engineering principles, materials and techniques guarantees the best and most cost effective hoisting solutions.

We also supply (and install if required) the full range of lifting equipment including Jib Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Runway Beams, etc.

LINIAN are also agents/distributors for all leading hoist manufacturers including Donati, Stahl, Yale, Demag, Verlinde, Liftket, Misia, Hadef, GIS, SWF, Kito, Kuli.

Bespoke (Custom Made) hoists for your needs

Linian will produce a Bespoke (Custom Made) hoist to suit any environment and application. We will either modify a standard product or start from scratch, whichever is the necessary and most cost effective option.

The following aspects of hoist design are typical of just some special requests.

Ultra Short Headroom

Measured from the hoist fixing point down to the load hook in its highest position. Often the headroom available on site is much reduced and there are various ways that we can get round this depending on the site conditions. Usually we divert the load chain over an additional pulley but there are other options too.

Outdoor Environments

We can offer special marine paint finishes, stainless steel components, enhanced enclosure sealing, weather protection covers, and other things but we do recommend that a hoist is stored under some sort of canopy at the very least when it’s not actually being used.

Hazardous Environments

For use in areas where there is a risk of fire or explosion we use stainless steel components and phosphor bronze sprayed parts to eliminate the chance of sparks. The hoists will have Ex Classification according to EC Directive on Hazardous Locations 94/9/EEC, EX ll 2 GD 11A T4, 11 3 GD llB T4 as standard and ll 2 GD llC T4 with increased spark protection.

Special Power Supplies

Most available power options both in the UK and throughout the world can be catered for.

Special Speeds

We can produce motors and drives to provide extra slow or extra fast speeds where required and including dual speed or variable speed.


Controls designed to suit requirements including pendant, radio remote, computer pre-programmed controls, extra control stations key isolated, whatever is needed.

Special Applications

Previous projects include lifting and handling hi-tech and very expensive electronic machines in a university clean room, automatically lifting and lowering bags of feed in the zoo elephant house, remotely positioning items in chemical treatment tanks with controlled precision, lifting a lowering completion climbing walls, hoisting containers of nuclear waste onto rail transport, multi-hoist arrangements electronically synchronised. However special your application is we want to look at it with you.

All Hoists are Designed and Manufactured to Current British/European Standards.
Tested and Certified in accordance with LOLER (1998).
Supplied with Test Certificate, CE Certificate, Operating & Maintenance Manual.

LINIAN are also agents/distributors for all leading hoist manufacturers including:

  • Donati Hoists
  • Stahl Hoists
  • Yale Hoists
  • Demag Hoists
  • Verlinde Hoists
  • Liftket Hoists
  • Misia Hoists
  • Hadef Hoists
  • GIS Hoists
  • SWF Hoists
  • Kito Hoists
  • Kuli Hoists