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Electric Wire Rope Hoists by Linian

All of our hoists are manufactured to the highest standards for enhanced safety and long term reliability. We also install and maintain the hoists if required. Please see our advice notes for guidance in the selection of the right type and size of hoist to suit your particular requirements.

Electric Hoist Enquiry Form - Contact us Today

Remember, LINIAN thrive on problem solving and welcome your enquiries whether at the early stages of playing with ideas or at the urgent stage of project completion.

Whatever your hoisting application the chances are that LINIAN have done it before and forty years experience combined with a bang up to date understanding of modern engineering principles, materials and techniques guarantees the best and most cost effective hoisting solutions.

We also supply (and install if required) the full range of lifting equipment including Jib Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Runway Beams, etc.

LINIAN are also agents/distributors for all leading hoist manufacturers including Donati, Stahl, Yale, Demag, Verlinde, Liftket, Misia, Hadef, GIS, SWF, Kito, Kuli.

Supplying the right electric wire rope hoist for your needs

500 kg to 100 tonne.Commonly used in conjunction with travelling cranes. They can be incorporated with standard underslung trolleys, low headroom trolleys, dual hoist crabs and for monorail use. A choice of motors can be offered, from single and two speeds to slip-ring motors, incorporating elaborate speed controls.

LINIAN are also agents/distributors for all leading hoist manufacturers including:

  • Donati Hoists
  • Stahl Hoists
  • Yale Hoists
  • Demag Hoists
  • Verlinde Hoists
  • Liftket Hoists
  • Misia Hoists
  • Hadef Hoists
  • GIS Hoists
  • SWF Hoists
  • Kito Hoists
  • Kuli Hoists

Wire Rope Hoists versus Chain Hoists

Advantages of Wire Rope Hoists include the following:

Advantages of Chain Hoists include the following:

Electric Wire Rope Hoist Features:

Download Electric Wire Rope Hoist "Standard" Features

Electric Wire Rope Hoist Optional Extras:

Download Electric Wire Rope Hoist "Optional Extra" Features